Perpetuum builds a tutorial island

By Michael Jamias
perpetuum tutorial island

Perpetuum's third feature patch -- the penultimate before the sci-fi MMORPG makes its Steam debut -- will introduce a new tutorial stage that's designed to ease newbies into the game.

Previously, fans started the game and had little help in figuring out what their starter choices meant. So what if I chose this faction, school or starting corporation? It all made for a frustrating experience as players eventually figured things out on their own and had to start over again because their choices did not fit their playstyle or preference.

With the upcoming patch, however, Perpetuum fans will be taken to a virtual tutorial island solely dedicated as a tutorial stage. Here, freshly recruited Agents will be trained and coached before being sent out to the wider online rpg world.

The tutorial island will carry some special rules that developers said will "make the learning process faster and more optimal." These include giving Agents more NIC so they can experiment with their builds, and very cheap access to most standard items on the market. Robots and equipment will also no longer be lost when destroyed.

"It is literally a virtual playground where you can try almost anything without any second thoughts. We can do this without compromising the actual economy because as said, nothing gets out," said the developers.


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