Perpetuum devblog talks “near future” system revamps

By Michael Jamias
perpetuum devblog system revamps

Perpetuum developers talk about what’s wrong with the research, assignment and tutorial systems, and how they plan improve all three.

For the research system, developers plan to make it less frustrating by taking much of the randomness out of the equation and replacing it with a point-based system.

“You choose what you want to spend your research points on, using a fixed technology tree. It’s completely plannable, research only what you really need,” said Perpetuum in the devblog, noting that this brings the system closer to those of other rpg games.

“I’m sure you’ve seen such a tree in many games already - just imagine a branch with many expanding nodes, starting out at the base from the lowest tier technology, and unlocking your way up to the most coveted items.”

Meanwhile, the current assignment system which has been criticized as being too grindy and generic will be overhauled to spice things up.

“The first stage will use the current assignments, but will change the way they are provided and accepted… When you open the assignments window in the new system, you won’t see a list of specific assignments, only some buttons for types of assignments - combat, industrial, transport, and so on,” from which players will then randomly be assigned an assignment.

“And the second stage will change the assignments themselves… where we also randomize the objectives within the assignments.”

Lastly, tutorials will now take place in instances to ensure that developers can better help Perpetuum players complete initial objectives and get a quicker hang of the sci-fi mmorpg.

“That’s why first and foremost we’ll use instances for our tutorials, where we can be (almost) sure what happens to the player, and where we'll have much more options than in the open world. Think for example temporarily giving a heavy mech to a new player just to give him a taste what the future holds for him, or to let him try various factions before he makes his actual choice.”


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