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perpetuum tutorial island
Perpetuum's third feature patch -- the penultimate before the sci-fi MMORPG makes its Steam debut -- will introduce a new tutorial stage that's designed to ease newbies into the game. Previously, fans started the game and had little help in figuring out what their starter choices meant. So what if I chose this faction, school or starting corporation? It all made for a frustrating experience as players eventually figured things out on their own a...
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Jan 04 2014
perpetuum devblog system revamps
Perpetuum developers talk about what’s wrong with the research, assignment and tutorial systems, and how they plan improve all three. For the research system, developers plan to make it less frustrating by taking much of the randomness out of the equation and replacing it with a point-based system. “You choose what you want to spend your research points on, using a fixed technology tree. It’s completely plannable, research only what you really ...
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Jan 01 2013