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  • Perpetuum: character

    Perpetuum: character
    There are many ways to customize the look of your agent. You can spend hours fine tuning your looks, and picking through other cho...
    Perpetuum: character

    Perpetuum: landmarks

    Perpetuum: landmarks
    Landmarks shows you points of interest nearby. Right clicking on an item in the landmarks menu will let you autopilot towards it....
    Perpetuum: landmarks

    Perpetuum: tutorial

    Perpetuum: tutorial
    Some of the controls in Perpetuum are not as straight forward as other MMOs. Be sure to work on the tutorials to learn the basics ...
    Perpetuum: tutorial

    Perpetuum: attack

    Perpetuum: attack
    Enemies? Right click and kill them... right? Wrong. You have to 'lock on', choose attack in your menu and pick your ammunition. It...
    Perpetuum: attack

Perpetuum Gameplay

Perpetuum Gameplay

Perpetuum Online (or simply Perpetuum) is a sci-fi MMORPG from developer Avatar Creations Ltd. set in the distant future when humans have all but exhausted their energy resources on Earth. While exploring the deep space for alternative sources of energy, humans encountered a wormhole that lead to the energy-rich alien planet of Nia. Humans led by the all-powerful Syndicate world body attempt to harness the almost limitless solar and electrical power in Nia, but invade and colonize Nia but the planet’s native race of sentient robots resist the human intrusion, resulting in full-scale war between the two sides.

Players begin Perpetuum Online by creating an avatar and choosing one of three Earth megacorporations for which to work for as an agent. Each megacorporation has been tasked with subjugating a specific area of Nia, which is ruled by one of three alien factions. Truhold-Markson, for example, has been assigned to overrun the Pelistal Empire; the Institute of Corporate Security is out to quell the rebellious Nuimqol Union; while the Asintec is locked in a brutal fight with the Thelodica Clan. Choosing a megacorporation will only affect your story progression, but not your ability or class choices, so choose one that appeals to your role-playing sensibilities. Additional character customization comes with selecting a school and a profession which will dictate your initial extensions (the game’s version on skills) and starter corporation. The main method of progression is through the accumulation of extension points, which are earned in real time, and can be spent to acquire more powerful extensions. Players can also spend Nian Credit to purchase everything they need – from items to modules to ammo and robots.

After creating an avatar in Perpetuum Online, you can now jump right into the game. Basically, you will be asked to pitch in the war effort in Nia by manning robots of various abilities and purpose. Robots can collect materials, build structures, subdue the native robots, and basically do everything to acquire energy to be sent back to Earth. What makes Perpetuum Online so compelling is that the conflict takes place in a persistent universe, meaning there is only one server where all players converge. The population, though, is spread out over several islands with varying degrees of safety. Low-risk or alpha islands have relatively weaker mobs and forbid PvP fights unless a player is flagged for such combat. Meanwhile, in high-risk or beta islands, mobs are harder and PvP is free-for-all. The system is similar to the null security and high security areas in EvE Online and allows for beginners to learn the ropes in relative safety before venturing out to more competitive areas when they are ready.

By Rachel Rosen


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