Perfect World Entertainment creates a next-gen console division

By Michael Jamias
perfect world next gen console division

Perfect World Entertainment is hoping to conquer a whole new market of gamers by creating a dedicated next-gen console division.

The mmorpg games maker has been a solid PC publisher during the past half-decade since its creation, with several money-making titles such as Star Trek Online, Forsaken World and Blacklight Retribution.

If you ask us, its strength lies in serving up interesting free to play mmo titles that attract a loyal, if sometimes niche, following.

Seemingly emboldened by their success in the PC market, the publisher is setting its sights on expanding to consoles and possibly creating synergies between the two platforms.

For now though it is keeping mum on what exact next-gen consoles its games will launch in. They will also most likely stick to publishing rpg games online, which is their forte, but they could just as easily branch out to new genres like single-player shooters or action platformers that tend to sell well on consoles.

"Bringing our titles to consoles is a natural progression for us, and we can't wait to set a new standard for console MMORPGs and other genres," said Perfect World Entertainment CEO, Alan Chen.

“We are looking at this medium to better connect with gamers,” said General Manager of Publishing, Andrew Brown.

“The opportunity to work on new types of projects with developers from all over the world is really exciting for us as a company. We are confident in our outlook entering into this new business, and you can expect Perfect World to be a major player in the console marketplace.”

The company said it will unveil its line-up of upcoming consoles titles sometime next year.


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