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Perfect World International Riptide expansion announced
The settings that an mmorpg can use is incredibly vast. Gamers can venture into dark catacombs, explore ancient forests, and even sail amongst the stars. Yet one setting always seems to attract extra notice from players: the world beneath the waves. Diving into the murky depths intrigues the imagination of many gamers, and there's been a recent wave of nautical-themed expansions for online games over the last few years. The latest is the Perfect ...
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Aug 04 2015
perfect world chill of luneska
Perfect World has sounded its war horns and is mobilizing all mmo heroes to conquer the frozen lands of the east in the newest available update, Chill of Luneska.Perfect World's Chill of Luneska update pries open the once-inaccessible region and pits players against a powerful empire that rules over the region. With Luneska unlocked, the online rpg expands its storyline saga with new mainline quests. These quests can be auto-received by...
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Aug 20 2014
perfect world next gen console division
Perfect World Entertainment is hoping to conquer a whole new market of gamers by creating a dedicated next-gen console division. The mmorpg games maker has been a solid PC publisher during the past half-decade since its creation, with several money-making titles such as Star Trek Online, Forsaken World and Blacklight Retribution. If you ask us, its strength lies in serving up interesting free to play mmo titles that attract a loyal, if sometime...
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Dec 20 2013
perfect world sirens of war
Sirens of War lures in fans with irresistible new content -- from the Nation Wars battlefield to revamped skills to impressive new gear rewards. One of the most subscribed rpg games online worldwide, Perfect World brings intense 20-vs-20 skirmishes to all PvP servers through the new Nation Wars feature. With the activation of Nation Wars, players will have to fight for domination over hundreds of regions and use strategy to outwit their opponent...
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Nov 16 2012