Perfect World International War Front Giveaway

perfect world international war front giveaway

perfect world international war front giveaway

MMO-Play has teamed up with Perfect World to give away free Perfect World International War Front keys

PWI warfront giveaway banner


Redeeming the key will get you the following items:

PWI (PC) Celestial Vale Package – Level 95 Booster (Not usable by Nightshade race)

- Illusionary Crystal

- Basic Flyer Token

- Golden Gear Token

- Tome of Cultivation

- Geographic Map

- Teleport Stone – 20

- Gold Spirit Charm

- Gold Guardian Charm

- Training Esoterica – 10

- Teleport Incense – 20

How to redeem your key:

1. Get your PWI War Front key by signing in below with your Facebook account or filling in the form below with your MMO-Play username and password. If you don't have an MMO Play account, just register here.

2. Visit

3. Log into your Arc account and enter your code.

4. Enter the game and claim your item from the in-game mailbox.

5. Enjoy! Please do not hesitate to share your feedback on our forums

Giveway is expired.

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