Pathfinder Online sets early enrollment for Q3 of 2014, release around 2016

By Michael Jamias
pathfinder online early enrollment 2014 release 2016

That gives Pathfinder Online developers more than a year to crank out a presentable initial playable game.

Once the early enrollment phase is launched, it will also last for a good 18 months, the developers added, which puts the release date for the sandbox online rpg sometime in 2016 -- that is if all the work is done on schedule.

Players who join the early Pathfinder Online enrollment phase will find a sprawling world that can accommodate thousands of players. Developers said there will be four roles at the start of early enrollment: Fighters, wizards, rogues and clerics. While the game doing away with a rigid class system found in most other rpg games online, it will still offer these familiar roles that will dictate a player's armor type and other clothing options.

There will also be an initial market system during early enrollment, but a relatively simple one that is just a taste of the complex economy that developers are planning to implement into Pathfinder Online. Functions will likely be limited only to buying and selling items.

But eventually, developers said the market system will become a central pillar to the MMO, whether it is sowing conflict among players or driving progression for an adventurer as he gains better gear and becomes powerful enough to complete harder challenges.

Once the early enrollment begins, developers will be adding monthly content and systems leading up to the scheduled 2016 launch. Players will thus be able to provide direct feedback and will essentially see the game grow from its relatively barebones form into a full-fledged sandbox mmorpg.


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