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Pathfinder: Kingmaker interview
The relationship between pen-and-paper role-playing games, computer rpgs, and mmorpg games is very strong. The first online games and single-player rpgs were inspired by tabletop rpgs, and eventually quite a few rpgs were inspired by the ongoing evolution found in computer and online games. Now one of the most popular narrative arcs from the most popular pen-and-paper rpg is becoming a single-player rpg in the form of Pathfinder: Kingmaker by Owl...
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Jul 11 2017
Top five mmo warning signs
In a perfect world, every online game would be wildly successful and give players untold hours of adventure and entertainment. However, we do not live in a perfect world, and many online games falter and fade away. The end result is that players are left bereft as their virtual worlds disappear, leaving only memories (and possibly carpal tunnel syndrome!). Games that are currently in development are even more susceptible to trouble and an eventua...
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Mar 21 2017
Pathfinder Online may get new ownership
2015 was not kind to several mmo games, particularly Pathfinder Online. Based upon the popular pen-and-paper roleplaying game, this mmo was supposed to feature a truly dynamic world, player-controlled settlements, open world PvP, and epic adventures. However, the funding needed for such development never fully materialized, and most of the development team (all but three people) were laid off back in August. There's been a real danger that the on...
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Dec 30 2015
pathfinder online layoffs
The sad reality these days, is that the mmo vertical within the gaming industry is pretty volatile, in terms of job security. Unlike triple-A developers, that go from game to game to keep the cash flowing in, mmorpg studios make a small handful of games, requiring a high volume of staff, but after rollout they make money from the continued subscriptions and services provided, requiring significantly fewer staff. This means layoffs are common and...
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Sep 03 2015
Are Pathfinder Online settlement mechanics too detailed?
It's amazing to see how much mmorpg games have changed since they first burst upon the scene in the late 1990s. Since then, online games have definitely changed course to appeal to a broader base of players. While this definitely made financial sense, gamers that were looking for a greater challenge felt left behind. Fortunately for them, a number of sandbox mmos are being developed, and one of these is Pathfinder Online. I became familiar with t...
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Aug 05 2015
Pathfinder Online settlements detailed in newsletter
One of the key features of the upcoming Pathfinder Online mmo is that players will be able to impact the game's virtual world. One such method for said impact is through the use of player-controlled settlements. More details have been released for this feature as the very first Goblin Squad Newsletter for the game goes into quite a bit of detail over the design of these Pathfinder Online settlements.Of course, one thing that the newsletter po...
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Jun 29 2015
Pathfinder Online player recruitment right or wrong?
Pathfinder Online is one of the more intriguing mmo games currently in development. Its mixture of sandbox and theme park mmo features should make for some fascinating gameplay, and I have an interest in the game as that I'm familiar with the pen-and-paper roleplaying game that the online rpg is based upon. The success of the Pathfinder tabletop rpg has been miraculous as it has outsold Dungeons and Dragons in recent years, an amazing feat in of ...
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May 12 2015
Pathfinder Online CEO asks for greater player recruitment
While the Pathfinder Online mmo is still in its early enrollment phase, the CEO of Goblinworks, Ryan Dancey, has taken to the forums to ask current backers to help ramp up the number of players. He is asking for a surge of Pathfinder Online player recruitment being done by the current players though a number of different social and gaming websites. The rationale for this is that Settlement (player-created villages and towns) recruiting activities...
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Apr 27 2015
Pathfinder Online Early Enrollment begins December 31
Players that have been following the development of Pathfinder Online have something to cheer about as 2014 winds down to an end. The fantasy mmorpg has taken some time to proceed through their alpha testing, but this was to be expected as the game's design is very ambitious with lots of sandbox elements. After a few delays, the developers have said that the Pathfinder Online Early Enrollment process will begin tomorrow on December 31st. I'm sure...
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Dec 30 2014
pathfinder online new alpha update
When you log into Pathfinder Online today, you might be surprised to find that inventory management and trading has become a whole lot easier with the planned rollout of banks and auction houses.While there is nothing final promised, developers said it is possible to see the release of a new Pathfinder Online Alpha update today. This will not only activate banks and auction houses, but will also revamp ranged combat and tweak the resourc...
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Sep 20 2014