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Tabletop rpg gaming comes online with a vengeance with Pathfinder Online, developed by Goblinworks in partnership with Paizo Publishing. Based on the hottest tabletop rpg, this mmorpg melds both sandbox and theme-park styles in a fantastic sword-and-sorcery setting. This is a game of high fantasy adventure, so if you're a fan of Conan the Barbarian, the Wheel of Time series, or The Lord of the Rings, you've found the right game to play. Funded on Kickstarter, this game blew through the fundraising goals as players signed up to bring this game to life.

Players have a wide range of options open to them in Pathfinder Online. Questing can take them from burning deserts to gloomy crypts to sweltering jungle ruins. As is standard in most online games, players will have a range of classes and races to choose from to represent them in the online world. Unlike in most mmorpg games, players will have an impact upon the game world. Players will control the world's economy through the use of crafting player-created items, consumables, fortifications, and settlements.

Players can control settlements in Pathfinder Online and those settlements can grow over time into full-fledged kingdoms. The larger the player-controlled settlement, the greater the competition for resources. This resource competition will result in the settlements having to defend their holdings from a host of enemies, be they NPC factions, monsters, or other players. Players can attack the settlements of other players, but they will need to use strategy. Settlements are protected by NPC guards, who are both numerous and spawn quickly, as well as any players who wish to help defend their home. However, there will be a discernable cycle where the number of guards decrease, making it more vulnerable to attack. Adding in some extra spice is the fact that players can put a contract hit out on other players with the game's assassination system. Successful assassins get better over time and can seriously hamper their targets by preventing them from respawning nearby. Assassins also have access to disguises and can cloak their abilities and even change their display name as seen by other players.

The world of Pathfinder Online is dynamic and will change over time. The game's environs will become more complex as player settlements encroach. Escalation mechanics features storylines and events that will  spark numerous quests and content scenarios. Examples of such events could be a goblin invasion or a raid carried out by dark elf slavers. These forces would spread across the map, seeking to expand, or perhaps  hole up and  fortify themselves to establish a strong foothold.

Pathfinder Online brings to online players the core mechanics of their award-winning and popular tabletop rpg. With a mix of standard theme park PvE content, along with the sandbox nature of player-run settlements and escalating events, a grand world of high fantasy opens up for players to adventure in.

By Jeff Francis


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