Path of Exile announces Sacrifice of the Vaal

By Tam Mageean
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Throughout February, Path of Exile trickled out clues, hints and scraps of information suggesting a new expansion was planned for the devilish mmo.

Over the past week, attention heightened as Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal began to take shape, with screenshots, items and baby steps of advancements were announced.

However, at long last, Sacrifice of the Vaal has shown the world something more tangible, with this weeks announcement trailer, and a bucketload of expansion info, including patch notes (albeit, an incomplete set).

The developers at Grinding Gear Games plan to launch a shiny new mini-expansion every four months for Path of Exile, starting with Sacrifice of the Vaal. The free content update is heading to the online rpg on March 5th, with fans everywhere keen to see what the Path of Exile mini-expansions will have to offer.

Rather than simply adding new areas to Path of Exile, the expansion weaves the new content into the existing content with Vaal-influenced areas appearing throughout Wraeclast, seemingly infecting it with areas of increased difficulty and unique bosses. Of course, where there's bosses; there's loot, and each boss will be blocking your way to chests holding Vaal Fragments and Skill Gems.

There are also two new challenge leagues launching with the update, and two more launching with every subsequent update too, allowing players to test themselves, and their cohorts through a range of new tasks.

For list of the upcoming features, and a countdown until the expansion, be sure to check out the official Path of Exile website.


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