Your guide to Path of Exile's race season two

By Michael Jamias
path of exile race season two

Path of Exile unleashes another round of race events that should increase player tensions in the rpg.

Developer Grinding Gear Games has confirmed a second season of race events, which are short-term leagues held at the sidelines of the main MMORPG. Players will get to control separate characters and strive to complete various goals in what boils down to a player content of skill and luck.

Known shorthand as Race Season Two, the exciting event starts on Saturday, April 20th and will run for six weeks until June 2.

Path of Exile successfully completed Race Season One on April 7th, 2013. A total of 109 mini-events comprised the whole Race Season One with players racing to earn the highest points by completing various objectives within each of the playable races.

Race Season Two will feature improvements drawn from feedback from Race Season one. Upgrades include more unique prize items and an easier achievement path for everyone who participates, said Grinding Gear Games. Unique spot prizes will also be awarded randomly among participants who completed at least one goal by the end of each race, which further spreads out the prize pot more evenly.

So-called signature events will also make their debut in Race Season Two. Signature Events are described as consistent-length solo events that are run multiple times during the season.

"At the end of the season, the best performing characters of each class will receive a prize similar to the top 20 overall for the entire season," said Grinding Gear Games.


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