Path of Exile reveals two new PvP modes

By Tam Mageean
path of exile pvp

Since the official release of Path of Exile, the developers at Grinding Gear Games have been hard at work on new features, improvements and updates, in particular; adding new PvP features to the dark fantasy online rpg.

The developers have revealed on their official forums, that they're planning on introducing two new Path of Exile PvP modes - a Dueling mode and a PvP tournament mode.

Dueling is like the "Quick Match" option you see in the PvP arena of other mmo games. There's no rank or progression system, and you or a group of players can jump into a match, regardless of skill, without the need to queue. This mode will be great for practicing and is being used as a test bed, by both players and developers, to iron out the creases in the mmo's new and evolving PvP system. Grinding Gear Games isn't sure when the game's Dueling mode will be ready, but it's on the cusp of completion.

"It's unlikely it'll be ready for this week's 1.0.3, but we'll enable it as soon as we can."

The PvP tournaments will be available for solo or group play, depending on the event, and will be put together in seasons, which will add some awesome long-scale competition in the realm of Wraeclast. Tournament PvP will be available for testing from patch 1.0.4, which is expected later in December.


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