Path of Exile patch 1.0.5 hits next week

By Michael Jamias
path of exile patch 1 0 5

Path of Exile patch 1.0.5 -- its first for the year -- goes live January 9 and it brings new items, recipes and achievements.

Grinding Gear Games will be the first to admit that this is a middling-sized content patch for the hardcore MMO -- but it's nothing to scoff at, especially if you're the hoarder type.

Here's a rundown of the things you'll want to collect in update 1.0.5:

- A new support gem, Enlighten that's part of the Enhance/Empower series
- More vendor recipes, which will be especially useful for high level players.
- New Unique items, including two most likely to be designed by Brother Laz.
- Several new microtransaction goodies, including the animated Medusa Helmet Skin.

For achievement hunters, there are also several new ones to accomplish. Some may even be tough enough to take you through the paces in what is already an unforgiving action RPG.

There was also a need to implement some balance tweaks to skills such as Flame Totem, Punishment and Freeze Mine.

Developers said the final patch notes might be tweaked come next Thursday, although did not elaborate on what might get added, removed or changed.

Fans have been assured though that the next patch 1.0.6 will contain "a slew of larger changes" since the staff will be back from the holidays creating more content.


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