Path of Exile Open Beta Weekend on September 14 – 16

By Michael Jamias
path of exile open beta september

A free-for-all second open beta weekend has been set for Path of Exile, the brooding indie action online rpg, this coming weekend.

Path of Exile beta servers will be open for public access at 5pm PDT on Friday, September 14 and will end just before midnight PDT on Sunday, September 16. That gives players roughly two-and-a-half days to sneak around the dark, post-apocalyptic world made by developer Grinding Gear Games.

The open beta weekend is being done to test the server load strength of the soon-to-launch free online rpg as it aims to move into a larger, more permanent open beta down the road. Last July, Patch of Exile held a public weekend which attracted 55,000 attendees, according to official developer count.

“This weekend is the opportunity for anyone to try the game for free, without having to buy a supporter pack,” said Grinding Gear Games in a release. The full FAQ can be found here.

Once the public weekend ends, Path of Exile returns to its closed beta status, with access restricted only to those who have pre-purchased at least $10 of credit for the MMORPG’s so-called “ethical microtransactions.”

So far, the strategy has paid off apparently. Grinding Gear Games reports in a release that it has raised over $1.2 million through its “Kickstarter-like campaign from fans buying access to the closed beta, virtual pets and pre-purchased game currency.”


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