Path of Exile announces a mini expansion

By Tam Mageean
path of exile mini expansion

The next Path of Exile update is going to be so big, that they've decided to call it a "Mini Expansion" instead. 

Toward the end of last year, the online action rpg was voted as GameSpot's, Hyper Magazine's and PC Powerplay's PC Game of the Year for 2013, and they're already earning their 2014 stripes, with a huge rollout of patches, updates and community events already scheduled for the new year.

Grinding Gear Games have taken to the official forums to announce the new Path of Exile mini expansion and also reveled their plans for a 20 day countdown, starting tomorrow, whereby they'll be trickling information out into the mmo community.

"As usual, we're working on this content right up until the last minute. We're expecting to tease features over the course of the month (with early screenshots). We will fully announce how the new systems work at the culmination of our press tour in late February, as the details will be locked down by then."

From tomorrow until March 5th, when Path of Exile's 1.1.0 update will be launched, they'll be incrementally revealing screenshots, expansion info, names, and even hosting press events in the run up to the first 2014 expansion.

For Path of Exile fans, March 5th is not only a big day for players looking forward to an update; it will also mark the first day of a brand-new four month league.

As always, we'll be watching the countdown closely, so stay tuned to as more is revealed.


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