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By Tam Mageean
path of exile launch

It has seen 10 hard months of open beta, and the developer, Grinding Gears have announced it's ready to remove its training wheels.

Path of Exile will launch on October 23rd and will be introducing some new features as it makes the switch to 1.0, most significantly, in the form of the new prestige class; the Scion.

Path of Exile features a passive skill system where each class is situated on an enormous and complex "Skill Tree" at different locations, allowing you to branch out into different skill-sets, but with varying difficulty. The Scion class has been positioned smack in the middle, making her more of an all rounder. Developers believe this will actually make her one of the more challenging characters to play, since you can't lean towards specific attributes as quickly as other players. For this reason, the Scion isn't unlock-able until well into the endgame, granting you a trickier second play through.

path of exile skill tree

Other perks arriving with Path of Exile 1.0 include; A tournament PvP mode, a capture the flag PvP, Guild Rankings (awarded by playing in the PvP modes), 2 new Challenge Leagues (1 easy, 1 hard), some new zones to explore, new trigger support gems and an overall re-balance, which they intend on maintaining every 2 weeks after launch, with some additional content thrown in for good measure.

Grinding Gear Games have also let on that Path of Exile Act IV is in the making, but will not be available immediately at launch, and will more likely arrive in early 2014.

Sign up for the free online RPG's beta now, only 16 days to go!

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