Path of Exile wins Gamespot's Game of the Year Award

By Tam Mageean
path of exile award

2013 has been a fantastic year for gaming, and as 2014 draws closer, Gamespot have announced their coveted PC Game of the Year award to the demonic fantasy rpg, Path of Exile.

Path of Exile only launched in October, but has been hard at work, along with its community, developing new and impressive features and increasing expanding the mmo's content.

Path of Exile has been widely considered the true successor of Diablo II, and as a free-to-play, lore-abiding action rpg, has stolen the crown from Diablo III, which was also released earlier this year. It's worth noting that Diablo III wasn't even nominated, although it was initially up for nomination. The other finalists that Path of Exile fought against included Bioshock Infinite, DMC: Devil May Cry, Natro: Last Light, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and PoE's distant RPG cousin, DotA 2.

This isn't simply a win for the mmo community, but also a win for the free-to-play genre; showing that free games can be just as fun and high-quality as the triple-A titles that it's up against.

Congrats to the devs for creating a fun, free, well-supported game. Lets hope Grinding Gears take the initiative and release an all-inclusive Path of Exile: Game of the Year Edition!


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