Path of Exile Announces Its Newest Race Event, Descent League

By Josh Wirtanen
Path of Exile Announces Descent League

Path of Exile, the online RPG from Grinding Gears Games, has just announced their third season of race events. This season will include a new Signature Event called the Descent League, which has been described in an official press release:

Offering a completely new scenario from the core Path of Exile plot, the Descent league places players at the outskirts of the Phrecian Forest with the objective to search out and explore a forgotten cathedral. As participants descend into its depths and explore its vast dungeons, they will encounter various combinations of monsters and bosses from all areas of the game.

Concluding each Descent level is a pair of special chests, which contain distinct sets of predetermined items to help players specialize their character builds. However, only one chest may be chosen per level, and choices made can drastically alter how the event is played.

To truly challenge players, Descent League has no travel portals, waypoints, or towns to return to when the battle wages too fierce. These are solo events, so you won't be getting by with a little help from your friends, and your flask charges can only be restored by slaying baddies.

So learn from your mistakes, and persevere through the adversity that will surely be thrown your way. Only the strong shall prevail.

Season 3 begins on June 29. It will run for six weeks and include about fifty Descent Events for players to partake in.

Path of Exile's Descent League Will Challenge Players


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