Path of Exile Adds Two New Game Modes

By Josh Wirtanen
Path of Exile Adds Two New Game Modes

Path of Exile, Grinding Gears Games' Online RPG, got a little bigger last week, adding two challenging new gameplay modes.

Both the Anarchy and Onslaught leagues are scheduled to run from June 8 to October 8, 2013, and are said to "offer a degree of gameplay above the original Standard and Hardcore leagues."

Anarchy mode allows you to come across exiles who have had their minds corrupted. If you manage to take down one of these computer-controlled exiles, you'll score a heap of loot.

Onslaught is a mode designed for those who are looking to truly challenge themselves. Enemies have seen a speed boost, which applies to attacks, casting, and movement. An official announcement in the Path of Exile forums describes it like this: "It's like a lighter version of the Turbo race events that we run, only it lasts for four months."

Both game modes offer the chance to snag some unique rewards.

Also added to the game are Challenges, which reward players for completing nine specific tasks. While many of the new Challenges can be completed in the Standard and Hardcore modes, some of them are exclusive to Anarchy and Onslaught.

If you're looking to try out these two new game modes for yourself, make sure you do so before October 8, when Anarchy and Onslaught wave farewell and ride off into the sunset.

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