Path of Exile chains down 4 million users

By Michael Jamias
path of exile 4 million users

Path of Exile now has more than 4 million users just a month after its launch, and the release of new Supporter Packs aims to push that number even higher.

Grinding Gear Games also said the online action rpg is buzzing with activity these days with more than 250,000 daily users, partly helped by glowing reviews.

Not content with that already impressive MMO-sized playerbase, Path of Exile developers are releasing fresh Supporter Packs starting from relatively cheapest Survivor Pack ($50), going up to the Warrior Pack ($120), Champion Pack ($280), and the bank-busting Conqueror Pack ($900).

Developers have a soft heart for Supporter Pack purchasers since they helped fund the game's development and made it possible to go live.

This is why Supporter Packs offer quite more than their retail value. These include Points for spending on microtransaction services, special cosmetic item and spell effects, unique forum titles, alternate in-game social portraits, the extended digital soundtrack and even Path of Exile fanboy wear such as shirts and hoodies -- of course, depending on which pack is purchased.

Just as before though, Supporter Packs can be upgraded to higher tiers through the account page and provide for installment payments that could ease the outright wallet hit. Physical items are also scheduled to arrive at your doorsteps by January.


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