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path of exile news atlas of worlds expansion
It's an MMORPG player's mission to discover new realms, and it is this thirst for heroic exploration and adventure that the newly released Path of Exile expansion satisfies. The Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds expansion has opened up 30 new maps, the largest ever update in the action rpg, bolstering the number of endgame maps by nearly 50%.From thick jungles to burning wastelands, the new maps not only feature 19 additional bosses but are also...
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Sep 05 2016
path of exile prophecy release challenge leagues
Sometimes you just need to have a challenge, and in Path of Exile, the daring will be justly rewarded with the rollout of a new major patch. The Path of Exile Prophecy update is now live and brings a set of 40 new challenges in the form of Prophecy leagues, which when fulfilled, grant generous rewards, including microtransactions that players would not otherwise have access to.There are standard and hardcore versions of these leagues, giving...
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Jun 04 2016
path of exile prophecy
We've seen a lot of purple recently, since the sad loss of musician and all-round legend, Prince. It's hard to tell whether it's coincidence or a secret tribute, but the new offering from the Path of Exile team has so many purple bloom effects it may well have been made by funk superstar himself. "June's 2.3.0 Content Update marks the start of both a Standard and Hardcore version of the Prophecy Challenge League. These leagues have self-containe...
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May 20 2016
path of exile ascendancy launch
It's going to be a busy, busy weekend for fans of Path of Exile. Much like the mountains of action rpg games that came before it, expansions aren't simply a new world here and a new class there, they're entirely new chapters of the same story, bolted firmly into the side of the game. This means that no matter what your opinions are when it comes to expansions and DLC, there's a lot to look forward to, way beyond a bundle of new features. Infact,...
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Mar 04 2016
path of exile ascendancy update release
Can you rise to the deadly challenge of the Path of Exile Ascendancy update coming in March 4? With the release date confirmed, this leaves Path of Exile players one more month to prepare for the punishing new Lord's Labyrinth. This daily changing maze of deadly traps and challenges is designed to make even the hardcore mmorpg fans scream in frustration. Those that delve deep enough into the Labyrinth will be able to encounter Emperor Izaro hi...
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Feb 02 2016
path of exile berserker
There's a kind of three dimensional class spectrum across mmo games that, from day 1 of your mmo life, has probably dictated how exactly you play your games, hour after hour and year after year. Along the various axis you have things like magic power, support power, strength, defense, speed and range. Slap bang in the middle you have your generalist warrior type classes, that most people go for, in order to safely enjoy the most aspects of the g...
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Jan 29 2016
path of exile winterheart race season 2016
An avalanche of events is slamming into Path of Exile on January 29 with the onset of the new Winterheart Race Season. As veterans of the mmorpg would know, Path of Exile regularly hosts race leagues where players compete for rpg prizes in a fresh economy.This upcoming Winterheart Race Season will run for nearly a month until February 25, 2016 and its signature race is the namesake fixed seed event Winterheart. Winterheart creates areas con...
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Jan 25 2016
path of exile talisman challenge leagues
Looking for a fresh start in Path of Exile? Then you'll be thrilled to know that the latest update introduces a Standard and Hardcore version of the Talisman Challenge League. These new Path of Exile Talisman Challenge Leagues have self-contained economies and players can jump right in to experience a whole new side to the online rpg without having to boot up a new game altogether. Watch the Path of Exile Talisman Challenge League trailer to se...
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Dec 12 2015
path of exile hideout
In case you aren't familiar with Path of Exile, it's a pretty dark game. We're talking demons and voodoo-esque sacrifices, lovecraftian worlds where the walls are lined with flesh and bone. It's widely considered, among the mmo masses, to be a grittier, gnarlier answer to Diablo 3, so if you thought the cannibals and hellspawn in Blizzard's title had any clout, you should definitely be checking in with Path of Exile to make a comparison. So, wit...
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Sep 09 2015
path of exile poll
From Diablo fans that have converted to completely fresh-faced adopters of the action RPG genre, the general census with Path of Exile is that it's a pretty complete, highly polished title. Grinding Gear Games have been hitting the drawing board hard since launch and are constantly putting out giant patches, public events and mini expansions to keep the game fresh and keep its fanbase entertained. However, the one big downside to all of this fre...
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Sep 04 2015