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Paragon reveals Revenant
Paragon has quite a few unique heroes, but now there's a really bad looking hombre looking to shoot his way into the free mmo. Epic Games have revealed the new Paragon Revenant playable hero, who is slated to become available for all players on April 25th. This new Wild West-themed hero is a ranged character who is actually an unholy melding of malevolent sprit and vicious bounty hunter. Just looking at him makes me want to yell, "Draw!" at my op...
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Apr 20 2017
Paragon reveals Yin
The roster of the Paragon moba is getting a bit thicker with another addition being announced by Epic Games. The unique brawler has revealed the upcoming Paragon Yin playable hero, who will soon become available to play. Yin is a hybrid melee carry hero, and the free mmo has dropped an announcement and overview trailers for her.The new Paragon Yin playable hero uses both her whip and wind magic in battle. Her background is that she came from ...
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Mar 09 2017
Paragon's Aurora now live
A definite chill can be felt within the battlefields of the Paragon free mmo. A new combatant has entered the lists as the playable Paragon Aurora hero is now live for players to use. Aurora is an elusive, crowd control specialist who can manipulate the cold to her advantage, and she can take control of the battle by freezing her enemies with her cold-based abilities.The powers of the new Paragon Aurora hero include: Frozen Simulacrum (RMB/R...
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Feb 01 2017
paragon narbash hero release
The drums of war are beating louder and have become impossible to ignore now that the new hero Narbash has been unleashed in Paragon. Paragon's Narbash is a rabble rouser that gets enemies agitated and allies inspired with the constant beat of his war drums. Narbash occupies the Support Caster hero role in the MMO MOBA and is best positioned in the midst of allies who can benefit from the buffs he gives out.His March ability creates an aura...
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Aug 24 2016
paragon greystone hero reveal trailer
Ready to be swept off your feet? The new Paragon hero Greystone has donned his valiant armor and is swinging his way to the front lines of the mmorpg on July 12. Greystone is a fighter that excels in team fights and can take quite a beating before falling to his knees. Even if he does get defeated, his ultimate allows him to return to battle with the aid of his indomitable spirit. This Paragon Greystone announce trailer displays the noble grace...
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Jul 08 2016
paragon khaimera hero spotlight video
A ferocious fighter-slash-jungler hero has entered the Paragon pit with dual axes swinging. Meet Khaimera, a melee attacker and physical damage dealer that shines in skirmishes and backline beatdowns. Watch the Paragon Khaimera hero spotlight to see this wild dual axe-wielder terrorize his rpg opponents:The spotlight hands out tips on how to rack up the kills as Khaimera, and bring your MMO MOBA team victory. Khaimera excels in fighting iso...
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Jun 21 2016
paragon open beta
The date is set for the Paragon open beta, with Epic Games penciling it on August 16, which should lead to a stampede of PC and PlayStation 4 fans trying out the upcoming MMO MOBA. Now that that's settled, Epic Games should start to wrap up the paid Early Access phase for Paragon, but not before pampering its early paid backers with a few more advance privileges. One of these is the brand new hero unlock for Khaimera on July 21, exclusive for E...
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Jun 10 2016
Paragon reveals Riktor
Epic Games has been steadily revealing its roster of heroes over the last few weeks for their upcoming Paragon moba. One of the main reasons why mmo players are looking forward to this game is that all of the game's heroes will be free to play. Of course, it helps if such heroes are sufficiently cool and badass. That is definitely the case with the new Paragon Riktor playable hero that was revealed today. This man is a literal support tank, dishi...
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May 26 2016
paragon hero
There are certain tropes with mmo games that developers simply can't get away from. Whether it's a square-jawed hunter, a moody mage, or the mandatory beard that comes with any character welding a hammer or an axe, it's inescapable, even for some of the more creative character designers out there. So, how about a flying imp that steers a machine gun wielding, bipedal droid? No? Well, that's what Paragon has just came out with and it's pretty fa...
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May 06 2016
paragon beta
We haven't seen a good MOBA rpg launch and last in quite a long time. So, what happened? Players didn't get sick of the genre, it's still one of the most popular styles of game in terms of subscriber-base, daily consecutive players, earnings, Twitch viewers and all those other metrics. Did they find the perfect mmo formula? Judging by the amount of "broken" and "nerf please" threads on every MOBA's reddit and forum, I'd doubt it. So, why do so f...
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Apr 27 2016