Panzar pushes out Toxic Bay map in new update

By Michael Jamias
panzar toxic bay map

Panzar adds a noxious twist to its brutal PvP play with the newly added Toxic Bay map.

The Toxic Bay map introduces the Mechanism game mode which requires opposing teams to defeat an apparatus, set it up on the battlefield and defend it from enemy capture.

Toxic Bay is just one of the new additions that came with Panzar's latest content update. Other existing maps received changes such as bigger bonus experience rewards and lower match times to make them more appealing to PvP fans.

To speed up matchmaking times, low-level matches on small maps can now accommodate skirmishes as small as 6v6 instead of the usual 10v10.

The free to play mmo will also see the activation of a recruit-a-friend program. Recruiter veterans stand to gain bonus gold as well as a cut for any cash shop purchases made by their recruitees.

Crafting got a revamp as well. Instead of recipes requiring purchase from the cash shop, they are now automatically added to free for players, in line with how most other rpg games treat crafting.

More social players who like chatting while fighting or questing will also appreciate the new social bar and chat functionalities that can be called almost anywhere and everywhere in game, allowing for constant communication with clanmates and friends.


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