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panzar mines kromholm preview
Over the weekend Panzar developers unearthed a preview video of its next map, the Mines of Kromholm. Panzar's Mines of Kromholm is described as a maze of tunnels, mines and physics-defying contraptions. Players interested in learning about the map's lore will want to watch this Panzar Mines of Kromholm trailer:Oh dwarves and their mad engineers! The Mines of Kromholm is scheduled to go live in the Update #34 for the mmorpg, as well as th...
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May 19 2014
panzar toxic bay map
Panzar adds a noxious twist to its brutal PvP play with the newly added Toxic Bay map. The Toxic Bay map introduces the Mechanism game mode which requires opposing teams to defeat an apparatus, set it up on the battlefield and defend it from enemy capture. Toxic Bay is just one of the new additions that came with Panzar's latest content update. Other existing maps received changes such as bigger bonus experience rewards and lower match times to...
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Jul 02 2013