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    Panzar: classes
    Panzer is a fantasy PvP based game similar to Forge. Choose from 1 of 8 classes to play....
    Panzar: classes

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    Panzar: tree
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    Panzar: combat
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    Panzar: death

    Panzar: death
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    Panzar: death

Panzar Gameplay First Look

Panzar Gameplay First Look

Panzar is the bone crushing free to play mmo developed by Panzar Studios. Set in a brutal fantasy world, this game features enough nonstop brutal player-versus-player matches to make an orc berserker grin with glee. Players looking for a PvE experience will need to look elsewhere as Panzar promises, and delivers, nothing but PvP.

Players can choose one of four different races in Panzar: Dwarves, Elves, Humans, and Orcs. Each class has a specific race and gender associated with it. There are eight classes overall, each with its own combat role. The Berserker is designed to use two-handed weapons to deal massive damage and fight in the front line whilst the Ice Witch is an elven spellcaster who uses ice magic for crowd control.

Combat takes center stage in Panzar and the controls are deceptively simple. Players use the standard WASD keys for movement and the mouse for attacks. The left mouse button is for standard attacks and the right mouse button is for strong attacks, which use more energy. Energy replenishes over time. If you're getting beat on, don't hesitate to use the Control key to block or the Shift key to run away. Special abilities are activated by using the numeric and function keys.

Matches in this free mmo can have up to 20 players total split into two teams. You can tell which players are on the opposing team as they'll have banners attached to them while members of your own team do not. There are several modes of play in Panzar: Domination, King of the Hill, Siege, and Meteor. Domination has the teams scrapping it out for control of a specific point on the map. King of the Hill awards points to which team is holding a control point. As long as that team controls that specific points, they gain points and they respawn closely. The attacking team can interact with the terrain to spawn more closely to the control point while the defending team can build barriers to keep the attacking team out. The control point can pass back and forth between the teams. Meteor has the teams hunting for an object and running it to the enemy base. Siege has one team defending and another attacking. The attacking team needs to take all the control points to win, but they face obstacles. The defending team can use siege weapons to keep them at bay and the attackers will need to breach certain defenses such as gates and towers.

As players level up, they can gain new abilities that they can use in combat. Panzar also has a crafting system where players can craft new gear or upgrade existing gear. Impatient players can use the cash shop to gain experience more quickly. Now is the time to hit the battlefields to see who'll be the last one standing.

By Jeff Francis


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