Crafting and Lore Highlighted in June Pantheon Newsletter

By Jeff Francis
Pantheon newsletter for June 2017

It's fascinating to see the development process that an online rpg goes through. The developers for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen have always been very open on what features they're working on and what their vision for the game entails. The new Pantheon newsletter for June sheds some more light on what facets of the game the devs are pouring their efforts into, especially as it pertains to lore and crafting.

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In the new Pantheon newsletter, Senior Game Designer Corey LeFever goes into detail on crafting. He writes, "We spec'd out the Crafting user interface and its functionality. This includes a recipe book that has search and filter capabilities, visual display of the required materials for a selected recipe, and a few other features with the user experience in mind. We're finishing the groundwork now, and should have something show worthy Soon™.

We also began implementing the first trade Profession, the Outfitter, with some basic starting recipes to start refining/polishing the general Crafting experience. Once it feels mostly appropriate, we'll begin adding in the other professions with their starting recipes, so we can be working them up in tandem.

We created the Harvesting nodes and components necessary to support the Outfitter profession. The rest will be layered in along with the additional professions as we go."

The June Pantheon newsletter also discusses the work being done for lore in the mmo, such as creating factions and important NPCs. One segment of the newsletter that is very interesting is how attention is being focused on the "little things" that are vitally important to making in-game places and cultures feel real and immersive, such as fruit left in a bowl (that the players can pick up) not being replenished due to the trader who brings the fruit being killed.

Other topics, such as visuals, are also discussed in the latest Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter, which you can read here.


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