Freebies flood Pangya for 4th anniversary bash

By Michael Jamias
pangya 4th anniversary

Pangya, the fantasy golf simulation mmo, celebrates its 4th year online by showering fans with exclusive giveaways and cool events.

For starters, Pangya players can join the Master Key Hunt and collect randomly dropped keys from the courses. Playing more courses should increase the chances of obtaining a Master Key, which can be used to spin for prizes at the 4th Anniversary Wheel. Prizes include the rare costumes such as the Black Papel Hat and the 2013 Papel Box.

Developers said that each new Master Key collected will be tracked at the Pangya website, suggesting that there may be a pattern to the drops or that players could use that information to plan which courses to play next. It is not likely that Master Keys will drop in the same courses consecutively, so it could be a valid strategy to play the courses where Master Keys have not dropped yet.

More creative types can participate in the fan art contest where three winners will gain fame throughout the free online rpg as their art gets displayed on Pangya Island.

There will also be exciting raffles giving away actual limited edition Pangya “Comets” golf balls, a rare physical gift treat exclusive to the 4th year anniversary celebrations. Developers also reminded players to sign up for the Pangya Newsletter because all subscribers will receive a free gift as well without having to jump through hoops or rely on luck.


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