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  • Pangya: character creation

    Pangya: character creation
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    Pangya: character creation

    Pangya: Character custom games

    Pangya: Character custom games
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    Pangya: tutorial
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    Pangya: out of bounds
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    Pangya: out of bounds

Pangya Gameplay

Pangya Gameplay

Pangya is a fantasy based golf simulation MMORPG that mixes in-depth golf mechanics with the character improvement and progression system commonly found in RPG games. Pangya has been hosted and published by over 8 different gaming portals since its original release, and has since collected one of the biggest golf fan followings in online game history.

Pangya features 8 colorful, anime inspired characters to choose from, each with their own personality and back-story. Although there's limited customization at the beginning of your journey, each golfer is unique in terms of stats and starting attributes. As you play more golf, completing holes and beating other players, you earn currency that you can spend on improving your golfers appearance. There are hundreds of available items to choose from, some of which are purely for aesthetic purposes while others have an impact on your golf attributes.

There are currently 17 different courses available on Pangya, all mapped in great quality anime graphics and each course provides it's own set of unique challenges. Whether you're crushing your drives on the frozen flats of Ice Cannon or fishing your ball out of a lake in Blue Lagoon, the large variety of courses gives players hundreds of hours of unique playtime.  

Pangya also includes 2 unique systems, Mascots and Caddies. A Caddy is an NPC that follows your character on the course, providing valuable tips and pointers to improve your play-style, as well as awarding you with various buffs to aid with difficult shots. Mascots are more fantasy based, coming in the form of mythical animals native to the world of Pangya. Mascots also offer various bonuses but they differ slightly from the Caddies as they tend to offer more experience points or cash gain per hole.

Pangya requires so much skill to play competitively that the developers host worldwide competitions each year, in the form of the World Championships. Every server would host a regional competition, with the winner from each server being invited to partake in the World Championship. This would include paid flights and even accommodation in a high quality hotel. This gives very talented players a chance to prove themselves on the world stage, an opportunity rarely given in any MMORPG games seen today.

By Rachel Rosen


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