Pandora Saga launches open beta with Astian battle arena update

By Michael Jamias
pandora saga open beta

Pandora Saga enters its open beta with a bang by adding the Astian battle arena and raising its level cap.

Dubbed by developers as the "largest update yet" for the fantasy MMORPG, the open beta content update unleashes the 48-player melee fighting pit known as the Astian battle arena. In this unforgiving ring, the only rule is survival of the strongest. Combatants who brave this battleground should be ready to fight to the death if they wish to gain grand fortune and fame.

Shinichi Suzuki, Marvelous USA President and CEO, said that PvP fans will get pampered in the first round of updates following the open beta. But he assured that PvE fans will get their turn of treats. There are also plans to shore up the content catering to soloers, more group-oriented adventurers and Nation battle fanatics.

On top of the Astian Battle Arena, the Pandora Saga open beta raises the free online rpg’s level cap to 60, unlocking new high-level skills and abilities for all players.

Convenience is also a central theme this update, with "significant" improvements to tooltips and user interface, especially during character creation and questing.

For costume lovers, developers have heeded your desires for an all-new Ersatz Slot that now provides for improved visual character customization. There is also a freshly enabled Reconstruction option that allows for customized equipment modifications.


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