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  • Pandora Saga: character

    Pandora Saga: character
    Your race will affect your character's starting stats. Since we want a mage, an elf is probably the best bet....
    Pandora Saga: character

    Pandora Saga: indicator

    Pandora Saga: indicator
    This is the quest indicator. Do not look for a yellow question mark in Pandora Saga....
    Pandora Saga: indicator

    Pandora Saga: stats

    Pandora Saga: stats
    Remember to specialize your character whenever you level. Add to your stats and level up your skills....
    Pandora Saga: stats

    Pandora Saga: fireball

    Pandora Saga: fireball
    Lock on to targets and use your abilities to kill them. Our mage may not swing his wand all that well, but his fireball can 1 shot...
    Pandora Saga: fireball

Pandora Saga Gameplay

Pandora Saga Gameplay

Pandora Saga is a free MMORPG published by Atlus Online and based in a once peaceful world where a respected king presided over his kingdom with peace and prosperity. The king was given his power by a rare artifact known as Pandora and he used that artifact to protect his kingdom. One night, a great disaster struck the world as comets fell from the sky, turning the once peaceful kingdom into ashes. The king, and his artifact were lost, without a trace. As such power struggles began to erupt across the destroyed kingdom, with 3 new kingdoms rising from the ashes, The Kingdom of St. Pfelstein, The Empire of Latuga, and The Confederation of Varik.

Pandora Saga allows players to create a character from 6 different races, all of which are totally unique. Each race has different appearance, gender and class options, and even has access to race specific attributes and effects. Once a player has chosen their race they can choose to play 1 of 4 base classes, Warrior, Scout, Acolyte and Mage. Each class follows a typical MMORPG archetype to begin with, but as players progress through the game they can expand their class using the advanced skill tree system.

As Pandora Saga features 3 warring factions, players can expect some epic PvP battles. PvP can be done in a multitude of ways, from simple 1v1 PvP to large-scale PvP. There are a number of maps designed for small skirmishes where players can attack anyone from the opposing nations. Another aspect of PvP is the castle battles, players can create guilds that can then participate in large-scale PvP against other guilds, with the victors claiming a castle as their own. The final PvP option is the Three-Nation Wars, the primary focus of Pandora Saga. Once players have pledged their allegiance to 1 of the 3 factions, they can represent that faction in the epic struggle for control of the new kingdom. The nation PvP in Pandora Saga offers a variety of rewards, from simple gear and experience points to nation-wide buffs and enhancements.

By Rachel Rosen


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