Origins of Malu pushes beta to May 4

By Michael Jamias
origins of malu beta date

A couple more weeks of waiting time added for the Origins of Malu beta as developers make final tweaks.

Origins of Malu was originally scheduled to be hitting beta this April but attempts to "properly test out our systems to ensure the least buggy environment for everyone" has led to the date pushback.

The developers behind the MMORPG again offered its apologies for not hitting another release date. Fans had taken them to task before for delays, but developers said this latest hiccup was more than worth it so that beta testers that are expected to flood into the online rpg will have the smoothest play experience possible.

What to do while waiting for May 4? Players can already download the 2GB+ client through the official website. Beta keys are needed to access the client though, so be sure to scour the net for one. The Beta has been confirmed to be a "multi-phase" beta, but it is not clear whether players will need to secure additional keys for further stages of the beta.

Apple and tablet users should also cool their heels because the initial beta client will be for PC Windows only, and while support for other platforms are coming they do not have a firm timeline yet.



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