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Orake is a free RPG MMO created and published by Candycane Games. This indie game features quests, world exploration, mini games, dungeons and puzzle solving. It has a huge open world that gives players the chance to explore, to fight monsters, to discover treasures and to engage in PvP combat. Orake has PvE content and quests. Players will be tasked with plenty of rewarding missions. Their goal is to complete them all and to strengthen their characters for more difficult activities. The world is immense but not all its areas and locations are in plain sight. Explorers will stumble upon many secret zones if they decide to stray away from the path. Orake has monsters and bosses that are not easy to defeat.

The character development system presents players with 12 unique skills. All of them can be trained. There are four combat skills: attack, sorcery, archery and endurance. The other eight skills: fishing, mining, cooking, woodcutting, smithing, alchemy, gathering and crafting, are used outside of combat. Orake players will use different combat abilities depending on the weapon they choose to equip. One powerful skill is the rage attack. This attack must be powered up before it can be used. A rage bar indicates when the attack is ready. After the rage attack is performed, the bar is depleted and players must wait for it to fill before using the attack once more. Orake is one of the MMORPG games that have PvP and battlegrounds. The Boneyard is one of the most dangerous game zones. This is an area where players are free to fight each other but it's more than PvP that makes the Boneyard a high risk area. Some of the most powerful monsters can be found in the Boneyard. PvP themed mini games with various scenarios are available as well. Capture the flag is one of the most popular because of its simple rules and exciting PvP action. Players that wish for a more strategic game experience should try the puzzle solving mini games. The game can be played alone or with a group of friends. Orake has clan support and players will discover that it's much more fun to play with others.

Clans are alliances of players. Orake is one of the RPG games online that offer clan content. Members of the same clan team up for boss raids, PvP fights and exploration. Enemy clans can settle disputes in clan wars. Orake has 2D graphics. Most players are nice and willing to help others. A tutorial explains games basics. Orake is available on Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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