Nosgoth closed beta launches with Siege mode

By Michael Jamias
nosgoth closed beta launches with siege game mode

The bloodiest battle royale between humans and vampires commences with the start of the Nosgoth closed beta today. Fans who want to take part in the human-vs.-vampire racial feud can register here and then head to Steam to download the Nosgoth closed beta client.

What can you expect in you first outing in the savage world of Nosgoth? Well, the main crux of combat revolves around players siding with either the Humans or Vampires faction. Each faction consists of three races, from which you can choose and use unique abilities.

One key difference between Nosgoth and other PvP-type rpg games online is that the combat is asymmetrical in the sense that the Humans are predominantly ranged shooters while the Vampires are melee bruisers.

This sets up a unique premise where the Humans are constantly trying to distance themselves from the Vampires while doling out ranged damage. In contrast, the Vampires seek to enter into close combat quarters which allow them to easily hunt down the Humans.

Square Enix revealed the new Nosgoth Siege mode will be playable in the closed beta.

In the Siege game mode, Humans must capture key locations and keep control of these locations long enough to win the match. Vampires, on the other hand, will win the match if they successfully break through the Human defenses and annihilate their rivals.

The Nosgoth closed beta is expected to run just as long as those for other mmorpg games -- probably a couple of months or likely more. Square Enix plans to pile on new maps, modes, character classes, weapons, abilities and skins, throughout the game's closed beta run.


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