Nosgoth closed Alpha starts next week

By Michael Jamias
nosgoth closed alpha next week

Plunge into a vicious human-vampire war when you join the Nosgoth closed Alpha next week.

Square Enix and Psyonix announced that the Nosgoth closed alpha invites are being sent out as we speak. But don't get your hopes up too much because the invites will be sent to an "extremely limited" number of public testers.

The selection process wasn't revealed, but one thing's sure -- only those who have registered at the official Nosgoth website will be considered. Even if you don't get into the closed Alpha, the registration will still qualify you for selection for either the succeeding Alpha and/or phases. During the registration, you will also be asked to create a Square Enix Membership account, but if you already have one then you can just log in to join the registrant pool.

Developers said they plan to eventually move out of closed Alpha and invite more testers, but the timelines remain nebulous for now.

As a recap if you're only hearing about Nosgoth now, this free-to-play team-based fighting rpg is set in a distinct era of the Legacy of Kain timeline. You can play as either a bloodthirsty vampire or a militant human in a colossal clash for racial survival and supremacy.

So far three classes each have been unveiled for the two clashing factions. The Vampires can specialize into the rogue-like Reaver, the bruiser Tyrant or the winged Sentinel. Meanwhile, the Humans can specialize into the hit-and-run Scout, the explosive Alchemist or the ruthless Hunter.

Nosgoth will be released on Steam on PC. Minimum and recommended specs are quite similar to those issued for recent mmo games, so if you can play the latter, then your rig can probably run Nosgoth.


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