Nosgoth is heading for closed beta

By Tam Mageean
nosgoth beta

In a statement to the Polygon reporters, Psyonix has revealed that they're planning on pushing Nosgoth forward. The Legacy of Kain inspired online rpg takes you back to the darkest moments in Nosgoth's war between vampires and humans, and lets you pit them against each other in asymmetrical battle.

Depending on which side you choose to fight for, you will gain either aerial dominance and all-out melee aggression as a vampire, or nimble, ranged marksmanship as a human; as you clamber over and through the town, ever-shifting the balance between the hunters and the hunted.

Adding a mmo angle to the Legacy of Kain series is sure to turn heads; the game has been reportedly doing incredibly well in its alpha test, and it sounds like the closed beta is on its way.

"Unfortunately, we've had to limit the number of players during closed alpha to be able to test the game's network infrastructure, but this will change soon once we get into closed beta and start letting more players in."

Psyonix, who earned their multiplayer reputation through their work on the likes of Gears of War, Unreal Tournament and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, are expecting an equally strong reception with the Nosgoth closed beta, and expect it to roll out shortly.

"Expect to be ready to move on to the next stage of game development very soon."

If you've signed up to the Nosgoth alpha or or beta, and are still awaiting entry, more invites are being sent out later this month.


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