Nosgoth alpha trailer shows vicious Vampire-Human war

By Michael Jamias
nosgoth alpha trailer

There's no denying it now -- Nosgoth is bloody brutal!

Square Enix has released the Nosgoth alpha trailer, fittingly titled "War Is Upon Us", which holds nothing back in the violence department:

Here, we see humans mutilating vampires, and vampires eviscerating humans. While other rpg games online sanitize their faction wars till they become something akin to paintball skirmishes, Nosgoth goes after the full gore.

Nosgoth defines itself as a savage, team-based PvP combat game set in the same grim world as the Legacy of Kain series. And this trailer goes a long way in supporting that claim.

The trailer also gives a fairly good feel for the playstyle of both Human and Vampire factions. The Humans, gifted with ingenuity rather than supernatural strength, depend on using weapons and tools to slay their fanged targets. Meanwhile, Vampires take advantage of their larger, predatory physiques to close in and mangle their Human prey.

Square Enix said the release of this alpha trailer shows how far Nosgoth has come -- all combat scenes seem to have been shot in-game -- and also preps mmorpg fans for the closed beta coming soon. Closed alpha is ongoing but no word yet on when it will come out of that hush-hush testing phase.


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