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nosgoth shutdown
It's a sad day for mmofps fans today, as the sun sets (or maybe "rises" would be a better term, in this case) on the vampiric shooter, Nosgoth. The Legacy of Kain franchise as a whole has been an outcast, but cult saga of rpg games, with Nosgoth taking place in one of the most vital parts of its lore. With the human race taking its last stand against the underworld, Nosgoth truly set the perfect stage for an asymmetric shooter. Back in 2013, wh...
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May 31 2016
nosgoth closing
We see games come and go so much these days, it's hard to keep up, or to even dedicate enough time to stopping and really appreciating the great ones. Sadly, today, one of those great titles has announced its closure before ever truly seeing the light of day. "It is with regret that today we can confirm that development for Nosgoth has officially ceased and we are winding down support for the game." Nosgoth has been immensely fun. This was a g...
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Apr 08 2016
nosgoth beastmaster
Asymmetrical shooters are becoming somewhat of a mainstay in the genre now, with the likes of Battlefield: Hardline, Payday 2 and Titan fall, but Nosgoth was there in the beginning. Nearly 3 years on, we still haven't found a shooter that can challenge it in just how polar the 2 opposing sides are. Based on the cult, Legacy of Kain rpg series, the game pulls no punches in creating a hunter versus hunted environment, as the human race stands at i...
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Feb 12 2016
nosgoth beastmasters class release
The humans of Nosgoth are fighting back with renewed ferocity against the vampires with a new ally: The shapeshifting Beastmasters. As the new character class for the humans faction, Nosgoth Beastmasters take up powerful firearms and use primal magic to vanquish vampires.But when Beastmasters get a taste of blood and want to finish the hunt, they can use their sorcery to transform into a bird of prey. This allows them to fly and swoop in for...
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Feb 03 2016
nosgoth flashpoint
Flashpoint in Nosgoth has come across as a bit of a hit and miss mode. Due to the fact the Nosgoth is, for the most part, an asymmetrical, "Hunter vs Hunted" style mmofps, traditional game modes aren't always the best way to play the game to its strengths. Flashpoint isn't entirely traditional, but it plays out a lot like the "Domination" mode you would find in the likes of Call of Duty or Counter Strike. So, for a handful of games, it's quite e...
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Jun 18 2015
nosgoth crucible
If you are a fan of the Legacy of Kain saga of rpg games, it's fair to say you've probably felt a little lost and forgotten over the past few years. With its cult following, its family and factional heritage and its rich, gothic lore, the series gave fans of medieval and the underworld alike something to immerse themselves in. The announcement of mmofps, Nosgoth brought all of that back when it tied the Kain/Blood Omen saga in with the action an...
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Mar 31 2015
nosgoth vanguard class
When it comes to throwing weapons and mounting a defense against Vampire assaults, only a few can measure up against the newly introduced Vanguard class in Nosgoth.Part of the Human faction, the Nosgoth Vanguard survived the onslaught on the Isle of Dead and seeks to push back against the Vampire scourge. MMORPG developers are claiming that no Human class is better equipped for close quarter combat than the Vanguard, and it is through a mast...
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Feb 26 2015
nosgoth open beta
What better way to set off 2015, than in an immense battle to the death in one of the most popular underworld realms in gaming history? At long last, after sheer months of closed beta and location testing, Nosgoth has gone into open beta, allowing the untamed mmo community into its pre-launch sessions, free of charge. The beta will grant players with access to a variety of maps and player classes for free, but with tha ability to purchase some ...
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Jan 22 2015
nosgoth open beta release date
The countdown has begun for the Nosgoth open beta scheduled to launch next week on January 21.Square Enix and Psyonix unveiled the Nosgoth open beta launch date as well as the time the servers will unlock, which is at 18:00 GMT/19:00 EST. Players can download Nosgoth for free on Steam for PC. In preparation for the open beta, Nosgoth servers will be offline on the two days preceding the launch on January 19 to 20. Those who log in during t...
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Jan 14 2015
nosgoth halloween event summoner class
All hell breaks loose starting October 27 when Nosgoth descends into a Devil's Night, the weeklong Halloween event for the Humans-vs.-Vampires combat arena rpg. The Nosgoth Devil's Night event is a mystical time for both sides of the blood conflict. Humans and Vampires alike can purchase exclusive items that will no longer be available after the event. Mysterious and Exotic items obtained during this Nosgoth Halloween event will have a ghostly ...
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Oct 23 2014