Dinosaurs Rampage as Tomb of Annihilation Goes Live for Neverwinter

By Jeff Francis
Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation launches

A new threat emerges to the good folks of the Forgotten Realms as the mysterious Death Curse plagues the land. Neverwinter players will have to travel to an exotic new land to seek out a cure and the reasons behind the plague as the fantasy mmorpg welcomes its latest update. The Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation launches today, bringing a bevy of new content along with the sheer awesomeness of dinosaurs.

The features of the new Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation update are:

Chult Jungle Adventure Zone: Explore the Soshenstar River Basin, locating clues and tracking the source of the mysterious Death Curse. Close encounters with prowling dinosaurs and deadly Yuan-ti await adventurers.

Port Nyanzaru Social Hub: The port will not only grant adventurers safety from the beasts of Chult, but also act as a home away from home. Vendors, quest-givers, and more await in this new destination.

Tomb of the Nine Gods Dungeon: An end-game experience is now available for seasoned adventurers with a knack for feats of daring. This dungeon features powerful bosses, ancient puzzles, and a challenge unlike any before in Neverwinter.

Monster Hunts with Volo: The famed explorer and all-around monster authority ventures to Chult as well, offering players the opportunity to track and catalogue local beasts. D&D game designer and all-around maestro, Chris Perkins voices the famous Volothamp Geddarm in Neverwinter.

Tomb of Annihilation Campaign: Following the conclusion of the Death Curse storyline, players will open up an end-game campaign exploring the Soshenstar River, leading into the heart of Chult.

Other features: An additional bag slot, private PvP queues, dinosaur mounts, heroic encounters and repeatable adventures are now available.

It's cool to see Chris Perkins return to the mmo as he voices Volo, a person who many D&D players will be familiar with. Personally, I'm stoked to see the realm of Chult introduced in the Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation update. The more of the Forgotten Realms that are brought into the mmo, the better. Not to mention another bag slot is always handy. Plus, we get dinosaurs!

The Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation update will launch on a later date for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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