Sea of Moving Ice Update Now Live for Neverwinter Storm King's Thunder

By Jeff Francis
Neverwinter Storm King's Thunder Sea of Moving Ice now live

While US citizens flock to the polls to take part in the presidential election, mmo adventurers can continue the Storm King's Thunder narrative that's playing out in both the Neverwinter online game and the D&D pen-and-paper rpg. Hardy players will take the fight to Jarl Storvald in an effort to stop the entirety of the Forgotten Realms from turning into ice as the Neverwinter Storm King's Thunder: Sea of Moving Ice update is now live.

Neverwinter Sea of Moving Ice

There is some great new content for players to sink their teeth into with this expansion. The features of the Neverwinter Storm King's Thunder: Sea of Moving Ice update include:

New Adventure Zone: Adventurers will traverse over half a dozen large ice mountains and several smaller icebergs to muster support against Jarl Storvald and his threat of endless winter.

New Means of Travel: The Khyek is a new nautical vessel players will use to traverse the Sea of Moving Ice.

Fishing Mini Game: Adventurers can hop in the Khyek and cast a line to catch over a hundred different species of fish, gaining reputation used to access and upgrade powerful, new weapons.

Artifact Weaponry: Reclaiming lost giant relics from enemies is an effort that won’t go unnoticed, as players will earn weapons far stronger than any seen before.

Treasure Hunting: In a true, swashbuckling tale, adventurers will discover floating bottles filled with maps leading to treasure throughout the Sea of Moving Ice.

Assault on Svardborg: This epic, new level 70 trial pits 10 adventurers against the mighty Jarl Storvald in the heart of his stronghold, with both Normal and Master difficulty levels.

Personally, I love what Cryptic is doing with this mmorpg. It seems that each update adds some great new features along with fresh content to be enjoyed. Will you be logging into the game to start playing the Neverwinter Storm King's Thunder: Sea of Moving Ice update? Let us know in the comments below.


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