Neverwinter Reveals Fearsome New Spellplague Caverns Bosses

By Jeff Francis
Neverwinter reveals new Spellplague Caverns bosses

The upcoming The Cloaked Ascendancy expansion is bringing some fresh new content to the Neverwinter fantasy online rpg, such as the new River District zone. One facet of the update that players are looking forward to is the revamped Spellplague Caverns. The developers recently went into detail about some of the environmental changes for the iconic dungeon, and a new one has finally revealed the fearsome new Neverwinter Spellplague Caverns bosses that players will encounter.

Neverwinter dungeon boss

Overall, there are three new Neverwinter Spellplague Caverns bosses that players will have to face and defeat once The Cloaked Ascendancy goes live. They are:

Kabal the Flamesoul - Kabal serves as the dungeon's first boss encounter. You face Kabal and his nearly impenetrable armor in his demiplane, a magical forge housed in the caldera of an active volcano. Fire plays a key role in the encounter, with a theme of "fighting fire with fire."

Giant Stone-Eyed Nothic - The second boss encounter pits you and your team against a magically enlarged Stone-Eyed Nothic. Nothics are favored pets of Nostura, and you’ll fight lesser versions of them throughout the module. They introduce a new type of attack to Neverwinter—"gaze" attacks—which requires you to look away in order to avoid their effect. Your mastery of gaze attacks will be put to the test against the giant nothic stone-eye in a frantic fight that requires steady footing and quick reflexes.

Nostura of the Stone Eye - The final showdown features Nostura of the Stone Eye herself. This powerful fey warlock throws everything in the book at you including a gaze attack of her own. If that wasn't enough the fight also includes a plane shifting mechanic that has your party traveling back-and-forth between the Prime Material Plane and the Feywild to hunt her down.

These new Neverwinter Spellplague Caverns bosses are not the only new things mmo players will face once The Cloaked Ascendancy launches. All of the encounters in the dungeon are new, and there are new enemy types for players to battle against. It'll be interesting to see the gaze and plane-shifting mechanics in play. Only one more day until The Cloaked Ascendancy is here!


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