Neverwinter Announces Upcoming Shroud of Souls Expansion

By Jeff Francis
Neverwinter announces Shroud of Souls expansion

It seems that the poor city of Neverwinter is always in danger. No sooner does one crisis pass than another one raises its head. Of course, players of the fantasy mmorpg wouldn't have it any other way as such tribulations offer plenty of gaming opportunities (not to mention new loot to acquire!). The Cloaked Ascendancy has been dealt with, but a new danger arises as Cryptic announces the upcoming Neverwinter Shroud of Souls expansion where the necromancer Morlanth seeks to raise an army of the dead. This update is slated to be released on May 2nd, so it's just a little less than a month away.

There are a lot of new features contained in the Neverwinter Shroud of Souls expansion. They include:

New feature: Loadouts – Swap between Builds to manage the different needs and roles of your character!

New Guild Content: The Great Hall – A new customizable gathering place in your Stronghold for your guild!

New Stronghold Structures – New temporary structures to give boons for your guild!

New event: Stronghold Siege – Guilds will need to defend their Stronghold against attacks in this new guild event!

New Storyline – A new story arc following the adventures in the River District!

New Lockbox (with the new Celestial Stag Mount) and updates to Artifact Weapons!

Cryptic will release dev blogs detailing these features in the Neverwinter Shroud of Souls expansion as the launch date gets closer. They did release information on the new loadouts feature today, which should be a popular feature with mmo players. A character will get a second loadout option once they hit level 30. A character can have up to 8 loadouts in total, but these must be purchased from the Zen Market. Players can change their equipment/artifact slots, powers, feats, boons, ability scores, power tray, and potion slots in each loadout. The only things that a loadout cannot change are mounts, companions, and enchantment slots. I do find it interesting that players can alter their ability scores between loadouts. Personally, I'm looking forward to the Great Hall so that my guild buddies and I can congregate in style.


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