Neverwinter Shadowmantle module is now live

By Michael Jamias
neverwinter shadowmantle module release

Perfect World Entertainment has released the Shadowmantle module, the second free module to arrive in the fantasy rpg.

Secrets and terrors may abound in this new module, but don't be afraid to take a peek at the Shadowmantle trailer:

What's new to try in this latest content expansion? Neverwinter fans should be lining up to play as the new and long-awaited Hunter Ranger, a stealthy and agile combatant that can slit throats in close range or knock down targets with a single, well-aimed arrow shot.

The Shadowmantle module opens the path to the deepest region of the mysterious Neverwinter Wood, and asks players to embark on the pulse-pounding Dread Ring campaign.

For those new to this dark mmorpg realm, the Dread Ring is a monument on which dangerous ritual magic is performed. Here you will meet the eponymous lich Valindra Shadowmantle whose growing army can plunge the whole realm into an undead wasteland. You'll need all the courage and strength to vanquish Valindra inside the new dungeon delve, Valindra's Tower.

To help you overcome these new challenges, developers have unleashed a new Paragon Path from which you can draw additional power. There are also a lot of new collections and artifacts to keep even the most ardent achievement hunters busy.


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