Was Neverwinter's Shadowmantle launch a hit? Here's an infographic

By Michael Jamias
neverwinter shadowmantle launch infographic

The Neverwinter Shadowmantle expansion launched back in December, and so far it's proven to be quite popular among the MMORPG masses.

Perfect World Entertainment has released the Neverwinter Shadowmantle expansion infographic which shows that more than 2.2 million characters have been created or just enough to match the population of the French capital, Paris. This should represent a strong mix of new players and veterans rolling fresh characters to take on the freshly added expansion content.

Neverwinter Shadowmantle expansion infographic

It's no surprise that the newly introduced Hunter Ranger was the most popular class created in the expansion, representing almost a fourth (23%) of all classes. The next most popular classes were the Trickster Rogue (19%) and Control Wizard (18%), with the Devoted Cleric the least popular with only 11%.

Fans have been rapidly leveling their characters, accumulating a combined experience worth 405 years when played by a single gamer. That's a lot of play hours racked up by Neverwinter fans, suggesting that there was a ton of things to do in the Shadowmantle expansion.

Particularly popular activities, based on these statistics, are PvP battles and Call-to-Arms events.

Neverwinter players were also very supportive of the past Simril celebration aka as the Christmas event in the free online rpg, with more than 65,000 mimics acquired during the festivities.


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