Neverwinter announces Shadowmantle free expansion

By Michael Jamias
neverwinter shadowmantle expansion

Shadowmantle is the second free expansion module for Neverwinter, and introduces the new Hunter Ranger class.

Set to release before 2013 ends, Shadowmantle ushers the first of many free classes planned for the dark fantasy MMO.

This Hunter Ranger reveal trailer displays the agile fighting style of this relentless nimrod.

In the trailer we see the Hunter Ranger rush into close range to deliver a stream of quick blade combos, which can mince through a pair of tough targets. He then brings down escaping foes from afar with a charged and well-aimed arrow shot. Fans had been clamoring for an archer class, and the Hunter Ranger seems to not only fill up the quota but also exceeds it with his deadly dagger skill set.

The Shadowmantle free expansion also brings Neverwinter adventurers to the epicenter of the Dread Ring campaign, which promises new loot, rewards and buffs -- that's if you are tough enough to survive the terrifying bosses developers will be sending your way as you delve deep into the Dread Ring's massive structure.

Other notable features launching in Shadowmantle include the Collections achievement, which unlocks special loot the more items in the online rpg come into your possession, as well as Paragon Paths, which introduces new powers for each class.


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