Call to Arms: Orc Assault returns to Neverwinter

By Tam Mageean
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Warriors of Neverwinter raise your swords; as Neverwinter launches a new Call to Arms skirmish.

Back by popular demand, Neverwinter's Call to Arms: Orc Assault has returned to the free mmorpg. The Call to Arms skirmish series allows players of level 6 through to 60 gueue up and get involved without any other prerequisites, allowing players of all shapes and sizes join in on the fun for a limited time.

In Call to Arms: Orc Assault you must defend the Guard Posts of Neverwinter from becoming overrun by the dreaded Many Arrows Orcs.

Although the core of the existing Neverwinter Orc Assault still remains, there have been a few additions to the open skirmish. For starters, there are new weapon transmutes, meaning your steel can mirror the distinctive forms from the Many Arrow Orcs' armory.

The event also now features the option to include the mmo's newly added "Sword Coast Adventures", which add a dice-rolling mini-game layer to the event, and are an honorable nod to Neverwinter's Dungeons and Dragons heritage.

The last new addition to Call to Arms: Orc Assault is access to the Call to Arms special Medallion of Battle store. Medallions of Battle can be earned in both the Call to Arms main event and the Sword Coast Adventure mini quests.

Let us know what you think of the new Call to Arms event in the comments section below.


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