Neverwinter leaps into unrestricted, no-more-wipes open beta

By Michael Jamias
neverwinter open beta launch

Come one come all to Neverwinter, says Perfect World Entertainment, with a sweet promise of no further character wipes.

This means characters you make during the open beta -- along with all skill upgrades, profession choices, personal customizations, and earned companions and mounts -- will persist up to the official Neverwinter launch.

Neverwinter is a free download mmorpg with a focus on exciting action combat, epic adventures and gloriously competitive PvP.

Developers said the open beta will provide unrestricted access to the much-anticipated mmo game, which is inspired by the beloved PC-based Neverwinter fantasy RPG series.

Neverwinter Open beta players will be able to tinker with the content creation system, called the Foundry, and publish their self-created content for the rest of the game population to enjoy. Creators stand to earn server-wide fame and bonus in-game currency for their efforts.

Open beta also unlocks a brand-new feature called the Gateway, which serves as a web portal for players to remotely access in-game status information on internet devices such as smarthphones and tablets. Accessing the Gateway will allow players to craft items, view their stable of characters, buy and sell in the Auction House, monitor guild activity and daily events, and access their mailboxes.


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