Neverwinter is now live

By Michael Jamias
neverwinter launch day

Neverwinter, the free mmorpg set in D&D's Forgotten Realms universe, is now officially open for play.

More than 1.5 million Neverwinter fans have already gotten to play the online rpg, according to developers.

The Neverwinter launch day activates totally new features never-before-seen in the open beta, such as the Alchemy profession and the Gauntlgrym that promises to turn endgame gaming on its head.

Explaining what makes the game so appealing to fantasy rpg fans, Cryptic Studios Executive Producer and COO, Craig Zinkievic said Neverwinter is filled with "intense action combat and engaging content."

Its rich lore and deep character customization are also big draws, based on fan feedback. When creating their adventurers, players can choose from five different classes: Trickster Rogue, Devoted Cleric, Control Wizard, Guardian Fighter and Great Weapon Fighter; and pick from eight different races: human, half-orc, dwarf, elf, half-elf, halfling, tiefling and drow.

Zinkievic also pointed to the robust suite of user-generated content tools at the disposal of players who do not just want to play in a game, but to also make content that other players will play.

The Neverwinter honcho also said fans should watch out for the game's first free expansion module, Fury of the Feywild, which should be releasing in the near future.

Fury of the Feywild will usher in the Sharandar region, three campaign areas, three instances, the Weaponsmithing and Artificing professions, a new dungeon, and daunting new enemies to overcome.


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