Neverwinter details new item progression system

By Michael Jamias
neverwinter item progression system

The latest Neverwinter developer blog lists why the new item progression system is starkly superior to the old one.

Under the old system -- which mainly involved using enchantments and runestones -- a lot of mmorpg fans could not be bothered to unslot an enchantment and spent a lot of bag space just collecting stacks for rank upgrades.

These inconveniences, among many others, dissuaded many players from switching out their enchant and runestone. Instead many settled on slotting one and simply forgetting about the enchant or runestone for the better part of the game.

With the new so-called Refinement system, developers addressed the bag space issue by streamlining the whole process into simple steps. Got a new enchant? Well you can directly improve your currently equipped enchantment's rank, gain a little bit more power, and not have to be inconvenienced by an enchant filling up one of your valuable bag slots.

Enchantments also now gain experience and reagent upgrades to be able to take rank up their equipped Enchantment. This basically keeps the power level in check across levels so that enchantments do not distort balance in the online rpg.


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