Roll to Disbelieve! Neverwinter Reveals Illusionist's Gambit Skirmish

By Jeff Francis
Neverwinter Illusionist's Gambit skirmish announced

The number of Neverwinter skirmishes is set to be increased by one when The Cloaked Ascendancy expansion goes live later this month for the fantasy mmorpg. This new skirmish looks to march to a different beat than the others, and one of the key factors is that it's been designed to be fun. Players better be getting ready to roll to disbelieve as Cryptic has revealed some features of the upcoming Neverwinter Illusionist's Gambit skirmish.

Neverwinter mimics

Cryptic has published several blog posts going into some detail on the new Neverwinter Illusionist's Gambit skirmish. The background for this skirmish is that Lord Neverember has heard rumblings that a wizard is performing strange experiments of an illusionary nature deep within the city's sewers. The weird bit is that nothing bad has happened due to these experiments, and some of the city's seedier elements have fled due to what the wizard is doing. Still, the players have been tasked to find out what's really going on.

It appears that the mechanics of the Neverwinter Illusionist's Gambit skirmish is that players will have to face multiple possibilities during the skirmish. The goal of the developers was to put in lots of random obstacles to help create a new experience every time. Some of the possible effects include exploding enemies, the floor turning to ice, or being turned into a chicken. There will be hordes of illusionary enemies to fight of all types, including bigger monsters, such as a beholder or a swarm of mimics. While all this is going on, mmo players will be treated to random environments from the broad spectrum of the game itself. You can read more about how the environments were done here.


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